Storm Watching Spots Near St Ives

Published: Monday 2nd Dec 2019

If you are planning a holiday in St Ives this winter, you may well be hoping to see some of the fantastic storms that hit the coast. Incredible natural displays that make no secrets of Mother Nature’s might, these storms are quite something to behold. Fortunately, there are excellent storm watching locations close to St Ives, which means you won’t have to go very far to secure the best spot and enjoy the show for yourself!

Zennor (4.5 miles)

Just a short drive from St Ives, Zennor is a great place to watch storms. From the safety of the coast path, watch huge waves crash over Gurnard’s Head, a rocky promontory that sticks out into the sea. Once you’re suitably windswept and rosy-cheeked, you can make your way to the Gurnard’s Head dining pub to warm up over a hot meal.  

Penzance (7.5 miles)

When the storms arrive in Cornwall, Penzance is always a fantastic place to go. Drenching the town’s seafront cottages with huge foaming waves, viewing here is always dramatic. Be careful though, swells regularly engulf the promenade so walking along the front is a no-no – best huddle up with a hot chocolate in one of the cafés and watch the storms from the warmth instead.

Sennen Cove (16.5 miles)

A magnet for surfers throughout the year, the waves at Sennen Cove are often pretty impressive. Couple that with several hundred miles of open ocean, low pressure and lots of wind and you have yourself a recipe for some very exciting storms. Venture over to Sennen and watch the waves explode against the cliffs – they are, quite simply, huge!

Porthleven (16.5 miles)

The mother of all storm watching locations in Cornwall, Porthleven is renowned for its incredible images of gigantic waves crashing over its clock tower. A small harbour town with plenty of safe viewing spots up on the cliffs and in the cafés, you can revel in the exhilarating rush when the swell builds.

Land’s End (18 miles)

838 miles from John O’Groats, Land’s End is England’s most westerly point, coming nose-to-nose with the Atlantic. Surrounded by steep cliffs, it’s an ideal spot for embracing the elements with a blustery stroll, feeling the salt-spray brush your cheeks as the sea rages far below.

Porthtowan (19 miles)

Another great storm watching spot near St Ives, Porthtowan is a year-round haven for bodyboarders and surfers looking to make the most of its heavy surf. All the more wild and wonderful in winter, you can watch the waves kick up a fuss before taking shelter in the town’s beach bar, warming up with a hot drink or perhaps something a little stronger.

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